Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yes we are having one more!

I have been so behind on the blog, but I also had a huge surprise this month(Aug). We will be adding the 4th little Sheppard in March. It has taken us a little time (month and a half) to absorb, believe, accept this. Rich and the kids have been excitied the whole time, and I am doing better. I know God has a purpose and will see me through the next very busy years. The offficial due date is March 17 2009. We will try to post more soon.

Kenslee's on the Move August 2008

Kenslee is on the move, she has figured how to explore the entire house. Under tables seems to be alot of fun.

First day of School, Aug 14 2008

This is the first day of school. Keaton is in 1st grade and Kendall is in 5th. Bear with me as I try to catch up.Almost 2 months later we are about to get a rountine going.