Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Blast 09

This was a CRAZY week! We were like everyone else we lost our power about 9:00pm Tues night. We have a gas fireplace, so at least we were warm. On Wed, Rich bought a generator to hook up refrigerator and microwave and some lights, plus the TV. No cable, but the kids could play games and watch movies. We are all not roughing it people. We are wimps we admit it! I said if this ever happens again we are heading south till it is over! To make this even better Kendall had been sick, and starting to feel better, but by Thursday Kenslee was not herself. Our power returned Thursday night(note 2 days with admission of being wimps!) Friday morning Kenslee was running fever, after a trip to Dr, we know she has her first ear infection and probably RSV. This is actually her first illness that needed treatment, we do feel lucky for that! The antibiotic for ear should treat anything for RSV so we did not have to have tests or x-rays. She really felt like Kendall had it, but older kids seem to just have cold with coughing. She said if Kenslee got worse call her but for now we were good. On Sunday I was worried, but by Monday morning Kenslee is returning to her full of life self. She is still real congested, and coughing, but is improving!

Ok thats all my whining! We do feel so lucky, no damage and we really had it much better than most! We pray everyone else can survive until their lives return to normal. My family at Senath, are looking at 6 weeks of this, so I should not complain. Kendall and Keaton did take some cool pictures, I will post those later.