Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Sheppard's!

Each year I take hundreds of pictures trying to get one for the Christmas card, this was the best year yet. This is never a pleasant event, yes I usually end up frustrated. I dreaded this year with Kenslee, but the fifth one was it. YEA It is the first on here. We wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS enjoy the holidays, and think of all our blessings!

Senath Christmas Parade

We were asked to ride on the Senath Church's float. They were in need of elves, so Keaton and Kendall plus a couple of friends were happy to help. Logan our cousin also rode. The parade was great, for a small town they do really good.

Logan, Keaton, Kendall, Sidney, and Clancy

Birthday Morning

As you can tell the girls slept in the living room, excuse the mess. Keaton had a friend over too. That helped keep everyone happier!

Kendall 's Skate Party

Nov 29th was Kendall's 11th birthday! She had a skate party on the 28th. This was Keaton's first time to skate, He loved it. She invited her entire class, but the weekend after Thanksgiving is bad for birthdays. I'm not sure how many we ended up with, but they had a good time, and were really good. We also had the place to ourselves which was good. We had a couple of girls spend the night. Kendall had fun and is growing up too fast. We just cannot believe it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Not take your eyes off Me

This is typical Kenslee, I will find her in the bathroom, kitchen, going through cabinets, in Kendall or Keaton's room, or tearing apart magazines. Amazingly she does not touch the Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kenslee Hope's First Birthday

Kenslee loved her first birthday party. The cake was her favorite, of course. I think she was starting to figure the present thing too. She also loved her baby cousin Reece, which was good to see. Rich and I are still a little worried about the new baby. These are a few pictures, She had her own cake, good thing too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Kenslee Hope is ONE! Her actual party is Sat., but she did get one present from Ms Valerie. We think she enjoyed it especially the cute box! Thank you Valerie. She is almost walking, she will take several steps to us. I'll post party pics this weekend!

Has it really been a year?

Wow this year has been in fast forward. Kenslee Hope is one, we can't believe it!

Larry the pumpkin

A few years ago Rich started craving the pumpkin with Kendall, then Keaton now Kenslee. They always look forward to it and for some reason always name it "Larry". Keaton picked that name when he was 3 or 4 and it has stuck. This year they wanted Kenslee to help, so she did.


These were taken at the fall festival at school. Kendall was Nancy Drew she picked out everything herself this year. Kenslee was a very busy "HERSHEY'S KISS" all her pictures were blurry from motion. Keaton, well he wanted to be a wolf, the scary kind, I really struggled with this, but it was his costume . We worked hard on his face, he liked it but said not ever again, no more glue! Thank goodness.


Kendall played on the 5th and 6th grade volleyball team. They all did a great job. We love watching , we better we have many years ahead of us.

Cotton Pickin Time

We love Fall! Each year we have to go see Grandad's cotton pickers in action. Kendall and Keaton are amazed and love it. I have to admit I like it too. Growing up with it you don't appreciate it, but it always brings back lots of memories. Of course they don't get to play in cotton trailers like I did, but they both love it. Kenslee was unsure of the noise and dust blowing, but can never get enough of Mama and Grandad.

Messy but Lovin it

Kenslee prefers real food to the strained version. She has no table manners yet, but that will come. We enjoy laughing at her each night at the table, she gets so excited and will eat anything. Kendall and Keaton do not believe they ever did this.HA

We are having a...BOY

Back at the end of September I had to look. After doing ultrasounds for so long, you just cannot be surprised. At least we couldn't. We had to know, plus my mom was ready to shop. I thought that would become old on the 4th baby, thankfully no. He is for sure BOY. He does not have name yet, but Rich calls him the Equalizer. Keaton is soooo HAPPY. I guess they were feeling out numbered.

Fair Time

We took everyone to the Kennett fair. Kenslee's first fair


This is my great niece Reece Elizabeth . Proud parents Brad(my nephew) and Sarah Jackson. She is beautiful, I'll add better pics later. She arrived 9-7-08 weighing 7lbs 11oz 20 1/2 in long. We are so happy to have her . She and Kenslee will have lots of fun together.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yes we are having one more!

I have been so behind on the blog, but I also had a huge surprise this month(Aug). We will be adding the 4th little Sheppard in March. It has taken us a little time (month and a half) to absorb, believe, accept this. Rich and the kids have been excitied the whole time, and I am doing better. I know God has a purpose and will see me through the next very busy years. The offficial due date is March 17 2009. We will try to post more soon.

Kenslee's on the Move August 2008

Kenslee is on the move, she has figured how to explore the entire house. Under tables seems to be alot of fun.

First day of School, Aug 14 2008

This is the first day of school. Keaton is in 1st grade and Kendall is in 5th. Bear with me as I try to catch up.Almost 2 months later we are about to get a rountine going.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kendall's New Smile

Kendall has braces! She got them the first week in August. She will be wearing them a long time, with more to come later. We think she looks great. So far, she is adjusting just fine.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Destin Vacation

I hope I am finally getting this started. I have tried all summer to figure this out. Our favorite place is the beach. We try to go each year. It is always a much needed break. Kendall and Keaton love it. We always go to the waterpark while there, that is their favorite. We forgot how much fun it is with a baby on the beach.HA Kenslee was really a great baby, but it is still a lot more work. We were happy to have Mama and Grandad's help the first half of the week, and Joyce stayed the whole week. We loved having the Beasley's and Malone's there the same week! All the kids had a great time together. Here are a few photos.

Kendall and Dailey soaking up some sun!

Kenslee Hope in her pool

Dailey, Grant, Kendall, Clayton, Sam, Keaton, Maggie and Mason. Yes that is a lot of kids! We made it home with all of them plus Kenslee who slept through the photo.

Kendall and Keaton on the rocks

Daddy and Kenslee walking on the beach!